San Diego Coastal Field Trip #1Spring 2006

Saturday February 11 Update - 

Date: Saturday April 11th at 11:00 AM

Where: First stop is the Torrey Pines Glider Port Parking lot over looking Black’s Beach near UCSD.  The second stop is La Jolla Shores.   The third stop is Mount Soledad Cross.

     Note: There are fieldtrip guide maps and directions.

How to Get There: A number of road maps are posted at this site that should be sufficient for finding all the field trip stops.   The following is a simple set of directions to get to Blacks Beach Parking lot starting from the intersection of the I-8 and I-5 freeways: 


Show Turn by Turn Maps


  Coming from downtown San Diego:
Head  NORTH  on I-5  going towards North County -
Coming from North County:

Head  SOUTH on I-5  going towards downtown San Diego  


Take the GENESEE AVE exit - go 0.2 mi (offramp)


Turn toward the ocean (west)  on GENESEE AVE - go 0.9 mi (heading west)


Turn Left  on North TORREY PINES RD - go 0.4 mi  (heading south)


Turn Right on  TORREY PINES SCENIC DR, LA JOLLA – go 0.5 mi (heading west)


 Road dead ends into dirt parking lot – Continue but stay to your Left – park at end of parking lot (closet to bluffs)

If there still is uncertainty, then click on this link to site for directions.

Yahoo Maps Link

 It would be a good idea to download and print-out the road maps for this fieldtrip found at this site.

How long?: The trip will probably take about three to four hours to complete.

Cancellation due to Weather: The field trip will be cancelled if it rains (as in pouring).

Purpose: To familiarize students with the coastal geology and oceanography of San Diego County:   1) better understand the concepts concerning shoreline processes and geomorphology, 2)marine life, 3) tectonics and recent faulting,  4) depositional environments and  local stratigraphy, and 5) the geologic history and hazards of San Diego County.

Activities: Observe, Study, and Discuss the nature and origin of the beaches, ocean waves and currents bluff geology, and recent faulting within coastal San Diego .

Field Assignment: Students will be required to complete a field trip handout, which includes observations and answering fill-in questions, drawing beach profiles, and writing a short reflection on the field trip experience.

Extra Credit Points: Students will receive up to 20 extra credit grade points for completed the field trip, which includes attendance and the completion of the field trip worksheet.

What to Bring: Students should bring a notebook and writing tools, a ruler, water, sunscreen, a sack lunch, and a camera.

What to Wear: Loose, comfortable clothes (T-shirt and shorts is good) along with a hat and sweatshirt or windbreaker. Beach weather may could range from sunny and warm to overcast and cool. So it is a good idea to be prepared either way.