Earthquakes on the Web 









Earthquake Research Exercises


Part I. 

Active Faults and Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada


       Activity: Go the link below and make a color copy of the map.  Study the

                             pattern of fault lines and note which faults have recent activity

                             on them.  Write several paragraphs on what you observe,

describing: 1) where the major faults are located in California,

and 2) the locations, patterns, sizes and frequency of the

recent earthquakes.  What is the relationship of San Diego to

the observed activity, in terms of where the major faults are

located and where the recent earthquake activity is occurring.


Part II. 

Create and Analyze Your Own Earthquake -- Virtual Earthquake

     Computer Program


Activity: Go the link below and take a tour of the site.  Review the

images of recent earthquake damage form several major

earthquakes.  Then go to the demonstration section of the

                             site and begin the virtual earthquake exercise, which is a

multi-step activity designed to learn how to locate and

measure an earthquake’s epicenter and magnitude. 

After the successful completion of the exercise you will be

able to print an official completion certificate, that shows me

that you successfully finished the exercise.




Part III.

Earthquake Preparedness Information


                        Activity: Go to the link below.  Print out the information listed

for what to do before, during and after a large earthquake.

Study the information carefully.  Turn in a copy of the print out

to me.