Preliminary Geology Research Paper

Not Applicable for Summer Classes


    You are writing two short summaries on two of the six scientific articles for your proposed research topic.

Below are some important components within a grading rubric that must be included in your 600+word paper:

I. What I am Looking For:


A.        Completeness and Detail (Have Sections A-D; Very clear & concise)

B.        Focused Topic (narrowed down to manageable breadth)

C.       Focused Purpose – To become an Expert in you particular chosen niche

D.       Interesting choice of topic – Makes me want to read the whole paper

E.        Thoughtful analysis – I sense that critical thinking went into paper


II. Necessary Components of the Paper




A.   Introduction and Purpose of Research Paper  (10 Pts)

·        Introduce and briefly describe your research paper topic(s) and those of the articles

·        State the purpose of writing this paper

·        State what you plan to achieve from the information gained from these articles.

·        One to two paragraphs in length


B.   Two Article Reviews from the 6 Referenced Articles  (@ 20 pts each = 40 pts)

Your written summary of each article should be about ¾’s to one page (double-spaced) long, and should clearly explain:


At the TOP of each summary be sure to include the format-correct bibliographed article entry:
- author's name
- article title
- title of the periodical (magazine or journal)
- month and year of publication, and page number


First half:
- What the article is about.
- What information and data scientists used to address the questions or

    issues described in the article.
- The article’s conclusions and implications.

Second half:
- What you thought was interesting and informative about the article.
- What you thought may be unclear or lacking. (feel free to be critical.)
- Ways in which you thought the article and/or the study it describes

                 addresses your topic of study.


C.  Synthesis/Feedback (15 Pts)
      Your own synthesis, ideas, and approach concerning your research topic
       should be about 2 paragraphs long.
           -  How the summarized articles tie into your research topic
           - What sorts of information in the three articles is useful information for your study?
           - What additional sorts of information you might still need to search for (remember that

                            you still need to obtain at least seven more articles)

 - What information did you find interesting or surprising


          D. YOUR Conclusion (5 Pts)
Your own conclusion summarizes your paper, and is about 1 paragraph long.
           -  Restate your research topic.
           -  Give a super brief overview of each article.
           - A super brief synopsis of how the articles relate to each other and to your focused topic research.
           -  Your evaluation “in a nutshell” on how these articles will help you fulfill your purpose

- Additional articles to look for to “complete” your needed data base.


E.  Minimum of 600 words - Total points for assignment = 70