Written Presentation Outline Rubric

Due 07/08/04

I. Overview


This part of the semester geology research project consists of a

carefully assembled, well thought-out, detailed, and complete

written outline of your oral presentation that you give in front of

class at the end of the semester. The layout and content of your

outline should be much like the lecture outlines that are both,

posted on my website, and up on the screen in front of class -

these are the "presentation" outlines that I follow for my geology

lectures to you in class. Your outline layout need not be just like

mine, but I expect organization, quality, and detail in your layout

and content. Incomplete and/or sloppy outlines will get low marks.


II. Required Components of the Presentation Outline


A.   Research topic title, Author name, and Table of Contents

(list of presentation subtopics) (5 points)


B.   Introduction and Stated Purpose of Research (10 points)


D. Body of Presentation - Outline of your Research Information

and Analysis (30 points)

1) Focused topic

2) Adequate quantity and quality of scientific information (data)

     Include all the major facts and concepts

3) Information is complete, informative, and accurate

4) Well-organized

Note: I expect this part to be thorough and reflect what you

will actually cover in your oral presentation.


C.   Summary/Conclusion of Your Research (10 points)

1) Clearly stated, in a "nutshell", what was covered in Part D above.

2) Personal thoughts and reflections on the research material

- what was learned, insights, and influences.


D.   Outline needs to have correct spelling, proper grammar, and

at least 400 words in length (1.5 spaced) (5 points)


E.    Total possible points = 60 points


III. Key Points I am Looking For:

A.       Focused topic (narrowed down to manageable breadth)

B.       Clearly-stated purpose

C.      Interesting choice of topic

D.      Good quality scientific information/data

E.       Thoughtful and thorough analysis

F.       Meaningful conclusions

G.      Well organized and written (conciseness, grammar and spelling)