Geology 100 Research Proposal Paper

Due 06/17/04


I. Components of the Research Proposal Paper


A.   Opening Statement – Clearly state the topic  you propose to

                                           research.    (5 Pts)


B.   Purpose of Research – Describe and explain the following:

1.   Why you chose this topic.

2.   What you hope to learn from your research.

(5 Pts)


C.   Topic Overview - Several sentences describing your topic

1.   The “what’s ”, “where’s”, materials and processes involved in your topic phenomena

         (5 pts)


D.    Research Plan – Write several sentences describing how

                                     you plan on carrying out your research

                                     Include the following:

1. What sort of specific information you are looking for

2. Where you might find needed topic information

(5 pts)


E.    Total points = 20


II. What I am Looking For:    


A.      Completeness and Detail (concise and to the point)

B.      Focused Topic (narrowed down to manageable breadth)

C.      Focused Purpose – Becoming an Expert in a particular niche

D.      Interesting choice of topic

E.       Thoughtful organization and planning