Geology Quiz I

Plate Tectonics, the Rock & Hydrologic Cycle, & Minerals


Part 1 – Plate Tectonics:

       a) Write a brief (one paragraph max), yet concise,

          description of the plate tectonic theory.


b) List the three general types of plate boundaries.


c)  List the primary type of stress associated with each



d) Describe the type of magmatism (if any) for each of the three

        plate boundaries.


Part 2 – The Rock & Hydrologic Cycles

        a) Where is the primary energy source for the rock cycle?


b) Where is the primary energy source for the hydrologic cycle?


c) What is another type of energy at work in both of these



Part 3 Minerals

 a) List three (3) criteria that define a mineral.


b) Name three (3) common minerals found in the Earth’s crust.